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Prom 2019 Kicks Off Detroit! Convertible MAYBACH 57s

Introducing Prom 2019!

Worlds Only "Real" Velvet Cars

"The Dubai Collection"

"AKA Red Bottom Maserati"

The LAVISH Store is known for its exuberant imagination since 2004!

We pride ourselves in bringing our guests nothing but cutting edge

vehicles and services provided nowhere else.  Often imitated, never duplicated. Please allow us to introduce the worlds 1st and only "Velvet Car Collection!" The one-of-a-kind collection will have onlookers snapping pictures, videos and touching your vehicle while you're on tour with us!  These vehicles are entirely covered in real velvet which will get more attention than most of our high-end collections at a fraction of the costs of Rolls-Royce, MAYBACH or BENTLEY.  Show up and show out #Dubai #Style in "VELVET!"  We proudly introduce Velvet JEEP and Maserati!!

Worlds Only Velvet Jeep

3D Arrives!

3D comes to The LAVISH Store in time for Prom 2019!  No more pictures, No more lost images in your phone, we have the perfect "Keep Sake" for your mantel, bar or carousel to display to your guests of how you arrived on your BIG DAY!  Exclusive to The LAVISH Store 9" miniature of YOU!  The results are amazing, its the future in technology for those seeking to have a miniature of how you actually showed up for your special occasion! Perfect for Weddings, Proms, Graduations, Engagements and anything you can think of!!  Give us a call now! Prices do very depending on your location.  Photographers are needed.  8009932204     

In The International News

 The LAVISH Store on Travel Channel, Germany Recently


The LAVISH Store is and always will be the leader in luxurious arrivals since 2004.  When I started this company, I was laughed at by local limousine companies that I wasn't even targeting.  I was simply trying to be myself as an entrepreneur to offer an experience to those seeking to arrive "LAVISHLY" I didn't know how I would be excepted, but what I did know is that if I kept going, I would simply keep providing 100% customer satisfaction and that's still my #1 priority for each and every client shopping at our online store now open in 14 states!  Same goal, same team, same service since 2004!  -CEO The LAVISH Store, Maurice Morris